What it's like to work with a Squarespace Designer

You read an impassioned plea in your favorite Facebook group for female entrepreneurs

your dream client needs *your* help, asap

and even better they are ready to PAY

Your only problem?

They asked for you do drop your website link in the comments - and your heart drops

You picture your fugly, piece-of-shit free website....

The one where you spent three whole weekends crying into your keyboard trying to DIY it on your own....

You know, that website that hasn't been updated in months?...

you know it doesn't represent the type of business you *really* are

OMG! You can't share that POS website with them!!!

They'll think you are full of shit.

So you do nothing and someone else lands your dream client. Wa-woop.

You are ready to have a website that you're excited to share & reflects your brilliance

What its like to work with a squarespace designer.png

When you hire the right web designer to create your online home you will finally have a modern website you are thrilled to share that you can use to actually grow your business online.

With the right designer you will have a strong website that helps to establish your authority in your niche.

You will attract your ideal clients with a website that sells for you.

If you go with The Leap Creative, I'm going to apply my taste, talent and passion to your project. You'll come out with an incredible design that you'll be thrilled to share.


Before Your Project Starts

Decide on the goal for your project

What are you trying to achieve with your new website? Who are you trying to attract? Get super specific and make a list - do you want to sell a service or product? Are you trying to expand awareness on an issue? Grow your email list? With the site's goal in mind, you will be able to easily see if a web designer will know how to help you achieve your goals.


Decide on what you want to spend

You need to know what you are willing to spend before you can start shopping for a designer. This will help keep your project in line with your dream business's needs and your current finances.


Find The Right Designer for your biz

Designers come in all shapes and sizes, you will have to do your research to find the right one for you. 

Consider your project - why do you want to hire a designer?

Figure out what other people are doing in your niche

Figure out what add-on's and functionality you'll need - will you need 3rd party integrations like a email service provider for your newsletter?

Decide what kind of support you'll expect from your designer. Do you need tech support? When do you want to launch?


To Kick off Work with The Leap Creative

Read the contract and project proposal and sign

Each designer will be different but contracts and proposals are very standard - it helps the designer nail down the specifics of the project and keep everyone on track and on time.

Pay deposit to hold your space in my schedule and pick a launch date

In order to hold your space in my schedule, I require a 50% deposit. This is a good faith measure that shows you are as invested in your project as I will be.

Collect all your project assets

Based on the launch date you picked, you will have time to collect all of the copy and images you need in your web design before we start the project. If we get down to two weeks before the project start date and you feel like you won't be able to collect all of your assets we can push your launch date. Keep in mind though, as my schedule fills up, you will have less flexibility of launch dates.


During the project

Have all deliverables ready by your given deadlines

In order to begin work on your web design project, I will need all assets - copy and photography - up front. A website without any photos or words would be a pretty barren, boring place.

Pay second installment to begin project work

At The Leap Creative, your second installment payment of 25% is due on day 1 of your project start date. 

Be ready with quick feedback as needed

While most Squarespace designers won't require a lot of back-and-forth communication, it is important to be available for questions that will come up during your project window. If you weren't specific in your client intake survey, you can expect questions. Try to be as clear as possible about what you like and don't like, who your ideal client is, and what your goals for your website are. The more specific you can be, the better your designer can help you.

Revision process

After The Leap Creative has completed design on your website, you can usually expect a round or two of revisions. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that revisions will take time - so try to get all of your feedback to your designer as soon as you can to help meet your deadlines. The Leap Creative uses a client portal to keep all project related communication in one place. No hunting for a long email chain to remember what needs to be completed.


Website Hand-off

Launch Day back-end training

On launch day you will be given the controls to your Squarespace website, but don't worry, girl, I'm not gonna throw you in there with no know-how. I'll walk you through the backend of your site and how to make changes and updates. You'll come out of our time together with a brand new, kickass modern website and the knowledge you need to keep it humming along smoothly.

After launch support

When you work with The Leap Creative to design your website, you will also receive 2 weeks of SOS support with your website. If something goes wrong and you can't figure it out, I'll hop on a Google Hangout call with you while I dig into the back-end of your site. After that, you can rely on Squarespace's award winning 24/7 customer support to help you with any issues you run in to with your site. 


Next Steps...

Working with a web designer is an exciting and important step for any online business owner but you have to do your part. Get clear on what you want from your new website and who you want to reach. Research what your competitors are doing and what your price range is going to be. Gather your business's website content and Take the Leap!


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