What to put in your website's footer

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Today I'm going to cover a few ideas to put in your website's footer.

Uh.. wtf is a footer?

In website terms, a footer is the bottom section of your website that always displays (unless you tell it not to). This area (generally) looks exactly the same regardless of the page the user was on. You've definitely seen a footer in your life, you probably just didn't know what it was called 👍

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Why should you pay attention to your footer?

So the people looking at your footer are the people who have spent the most time on your pages, they've read your entire blog post, they've gone through your whole sales page, they've read your about me page and fell in love.

Here's a collection of ideas of how to make the website traffic convert!

1// Make sure to include your social links

Including social media platforms where your new fan can find and connect with you is a good idea. It let's them pick where they enjoy to hang out and make the connection with you even deeper.

Choose the platforms you are most active on - and love to use! - and forget the rest.

This can be as simple as the icons of each social media platform you want to use - online users today are savvy and get what that will link to.

Melyssa Griffin keeps it simple but customizes her social media links with Branded graphics:

Melyssa Griffin Footer.PNG

A Beautiful Mess pulled in their colorful brand personality to show their social media graphics:

A Beautiful Mess footer.PNG

2// The best way to contact you

So the people looking at your footer are the people who have spent the most time on your pages and basically are all in love with you now?

Give them a way to get in touch with you!! They are likely the people most interested in working with you so give them the details they need!

Any of the following could work for your business:

  • email address
  • your store's physical location (if you are a brick and mortar store)
  • scheduling calendar
  • business phone number

3// Your newsletter opt-in or freebie

Include your best freebie as your footer opt-in.

You want this opt-in to be something that will connect with your general ideal customer and help them create a quick win.

XO Sarah helps online business owners get seen - she decided to make her opt-in freebie her footer's main focus by giving it a lot of space:

xoSarah Footer.PNG


4// Links to pages you don’t want in your main navigation

Placing any links you don't want clogging up your main navigation but still have value to your ideal customer is a great idea, plus will help with your SEO strategy.

Options for your links could be your

  • terms of service
  • privacy policy
  • work with me
  • about
  • contact
  • portfolio
  • testimonials, etc.
  • podcast
  • blog
  • help section
  • shop

5// How about some examples to get you started?

(Click on the images to see full size)

Next Steps…

Make sure to update your footer content right meow! Include your relevant social media profiles and consider creating an opt-in offer that will show site-wide.

Optimizing your website’s footer to convert your traffic is a smart idea.

Users who have made it all the way down to your footer have already proven they are interested in what you have to offer – so don’t let them leave your site without giving them a chance to connect with your brand on a deeper level.

Try adding in your social media links, your relevant contact info, and an opt-in freebie that will make them drool.

You can also use your footer section to boost your site’s SEO.

Do this by linking to any pages you want available but don’t want them in your main navigation. This gives google and other search engines multiple returns for your key words and will help your website rank higher in search results.

Want to give your online presence a makeover? Check out my services page right meow!

Anne Russell