The #1 Thing You Need To Know About Working With A Web Designer

Girl, you know it is time to hire a web designer.

You created your dream business from scratch.

You hustled every free moment, nights and weekends.

You DIY'd it all the way - reading every blog post and attended every webinar.

Downloaded every freebie and invested in all the Signature Courses.


You have kicked *ASS* and created a business from scratch and you’re going to change people’s lives!

The thing is, you’re not a designer - and that’s *totally* okay.

I’m here with an experienced hand to help guide you on your journey to a new custom website for your business.

You don’t need to have spent 4+ years at Art School learning design.

You don’t need to spend hours of your free time crying into your keyboard trying to slap it together.

The 1 thing you need to know about hiring .png

All you need is to know what platform you want for your business.

What do I mean by platform? In short - what are the bones of your website built on? Squarespace or WordPress?

So - how do you know which platform is right for your business?

Ask yourself the following questions about what you envision for your business.


How fast do you want your customized site live?

On a scale from snail speed to rabbit, when do you want to launch your new business website?

Snail speed? WordPress won't be a problem.

(Think 3-6 months) WordPress might be your cup of tea.

WordPress is very powerful but each new site requires your designer to build it from scratch which requires time.

Your web designer will have to import your desired template, the back-end framework, plug-ins, integrations, 3rd party apps, and email system.

They’ll also have to manually build and style every section of your site piece by piece. Basically - it’s a process.

Rabbit Speed? You better go for Squarespace.

How come?

Squarespace is an all-in-one solution - With a single subscription, you can create a website, host your content, register domains, sell products, and much more.

Meaning your web designer won’t have to re-engineer your entire site from the ground up.

Squarespace works from the start.


Do you need integrations?

Like most online entrepreneurs, you are well aware that you need an email list, like yesterday.

Squarespace makes it simple to integrate your opt-in freebie and start collecting leads.

Even better, Squarespace has lots of applications built into the platform that work beautifully.

Plus they are always working to add more apps.

This means you won’t ever have to update your widgets/plug-ins / apps. Squarespace handles that all for you. Easy-peasy!


How much upkeep/editing do you think you’ll want for your site?

Do you envision needing a lot of upkeep for your site?

Massive branding and content over-halls on the regular?

You may need a WordPress design team - on retainer.

(These kinds of customization aren’t really that normal, though, so if you are just starting out with your biz, you might be surprised with how simple your website can be!)


Are you interested in learning the ropes of your site so you can keep it updated without having to pay someone?

There's a pretty steep learning curve with WordPress - you'll have to spend a good amount of time learning the back-end before you can even start to make any edits.

Squarespace's platform was built for the DIYer - the entrepreneur. 

You don't have to have extensive web design knowledge in order to make updates to your Squarespace site, just a little familiarity with the style editor.


Are you willing to pay for a tech team to keep your site updated?

The internet changes at a blinding pace - from security to the latest trends in online marketing, you want a site that is easy to update.

Did you know that the entire internet recently made a security switch from "http" to "https". Squarespace made the change super simple.

You just had to click a button and your site was converted to the secure version.

No need to learn coding or the intricacies within the method, Squarespace has you covered.

Pro tip: if you land on a site that does not use "https" LEAVE IMMEDIATELY! At best the site is not secure, and at worse it could be malicious. Definitely do not give out any personal information on websites that are not secure.


Are you willing to learn how to code?

Seriously - are you willing to learn how to code?

The important difference between Squarespace and WordPress is that Squarespace is a *visual* design platform (with a drag-and-drop editor)

Compared to WordPress which is a traditional code based platform.

What does that mean?

With Squarespace, you benefit.

You get a million-dollar team of developers (the kickass team at Squarespace!) who test and troubleshoot all facets of the platform before you even touch it.

With WordPress, you only get what you can afford invest on your own for a single WordPress developer.

(When you look at it like that, the math is pretty simple, huh?)

You don't have to learn how to code to use Squarespace.


Do you enjoy drag and drop interfaces?

Drag and Drop design interfaces are on the rise because easy to learn and intuitive for users.

You want your video a certain size and placement on your page, just drop it there and size it. Done.

No widgets to install, no code to double check, no applications to ensure still work when you changed something else.

If you think about it, you have likely used a drag and drop design interface without even realizing it -

  1. Canva

  2. MailChimp

  3. MailerLite

  4. Teachable

  5. Trello

  6. Basecamp

  7. GoogleApps

What’s your style? (Modern/sophisticated or dated???)

Take some time and survey your favorite online brands - what do you like about their websites?

Are they clean and modern?

Packed and busy?

Are they single page long scrolling designs or do they have many pages and indexes?

Do you like sidebars?

What about the style of the landing page? (Do you want a landing page?)

Squarespace websites are generally clean and modern.

The templates are all created with the mobile user as the focus.

Design is central to Squarespace and that is clear just by looking at a few awesome examples.

Websites using Squarespace:

  1. GirlBoss

  2. Lyft

  3. Elle & Company

  4. Femtrepreneur

  5. Megan Minns

  6. Refinery29 Creative


Who is your ideal client?

Where do they shop?

What online sites are they frequenting?

Take a look at of those brands online - you don’t want to copy their style, but if you are able to give your web designer a good idea of your base point, they’ll be able to create a site that will give your audience instant heart-eyes.


So Do you wanna say “I LOVE MY SITE!”?

No you know what platform is ideal for your biz - start getting your website’s content together - photos, blog posts, sales page copy, opt-ins, etc. and then get to searching on Pinterest or Google for web designers who match your style.

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