7 Ways You Know It’s Time to Invest In a Professional Web Designer

There’s a TON of advice out there for online entrepreneurs --

“The 4-Video Sales Sequence is the ONLY way to launch!!!!”

“You haven’t launched until you’ve done the 5-day challenge!!!”

“Webinars are how you make the big bucks!!”

“Guest posting is the way to get your name out there!!”

“Webinars are dead, you can only Vlog!”

“Vlogging without a podcast? What’s wrong with you!??!?!?!”

“If you aren’t using Pinterest for your business you are missing all the traffic!”

You have so much shit to do.

But here’s a secret - You really don’t need to waste your time trying to learn to design a website on top of all of that.

You just need to know when the time is right to invest in a designer.

I’m here to cut through the chatter and give you a clear idea of when your business/brand is ready for a web designer.

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1// Your brand has outgrown the DIY site you built in a weekend - both in style and how it works.

You want to do all the things with your website.

You dream of hosting webinars, building your email list, selling your products and services

but when you think of trying to figure out how to install yet another f*cking widget your eyes go glassy and you just put it off for another day.


2// Your taste outweighs your web design knowledge

You LOVE the modern sites you see all over the web, but you don’t want to spend all your free time learning how to do that for your biz.

Psssst---- why waste your time? Seriously. You need a kickass design and you need it now. You don’t have time to learn to design or code and you sure as hell don’t have time to waste on bad design

You need your site to WORK. You don’t want to have to spend a ton of time thinking about it.


3// Your business can afford it -- paying for a website won’t eat up your business’s profits

You understand that a kickass website for your business is an investment.

A really really smart investment.

One that will make a huge impact for your business.

You’re ready to take your business seriously and you want your dream clients to take you seriously too.

A professionally designed, kickass website is the best way to make a killer first impression.

When they land on your website, you want your dream clients to know instantly they came to the right place.


4// You know that giving your business a lift with a new website will help you attract more of your dream clients

Having a strategically designed website created to both attract your dream clients and repel the nightmare clients will help you to book out your business.

Imagine waking up to sales alert emails that came in overnight without you having to be there - a strategic website will sell for you!


5// You have your content nailed down

You know your business inside and out - better than anyone on the planet.

You have the content ready to go.

You have your brand photos, blog content prepped, About Me Page copy, Sales Page copy, Contact info, and brand icons ready to deliver to your designer.

All you have to do now is sit back and relax while your designer makes the magic happen on the backend.


6// You want more than a cookie-cutter WordPress Theme

You know that your business is unique and you want your website to reflect your unique passion.

You do not want your website to look exactly like everyone else’s with a freebie/cheap WP Theme.

That’s where a custom web designer can come in and work their design magic.

They’ll be able to understand your goals for your website and create something that will make you thrilled to share.


7// You know who your ideal client is (and how you want them to use your website)

I’d be willing to bet you hear this all the time but it is SUPER essential to be crystal clear (and really really specific) on who your dream client is.

Just starting out, the basics (age, gender, education, income) will help your designer from the start.

But digging deeper will help them to create a strategic website that is tailor made for your dream client.

Where to they spend the most time online? Who are their favorite brands? What is keeping them up at night? What are their stresses and joys? Do they have a long commute to work or are they lucky to have a work-from-home lifestyle?


Next Steps…


So by now you know - having a kickass website is essential to growing your online business.

The right website will attract your dream clients and repel the sucky ones.

It will be able to function from day one, and will have all the necessary add-ins to allow you to run your business smoothly.

The right website for your business will make you thrilled to share it and thrilled to work on your business.

Need a little help on your website prep? Download my *free* Website Prep Roadmap and Workbook so you can know you have everything you need to hit the ground running with a web designer

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