You see all the online cool girls in your niche who have their shit together, perfectly branded...

while your online presence make you look like an amateur...


You need fresh, gorgeous branding that makes a kickass impression on your audience.



Make an impact is a two week branding package that will give you a complete professional brand for your business.


Life after working together...

No more comparison-itis, you know you have the brand to impress

Business-Hubris - the kickass, sexy kind - you have confidence in what you do because your brand backs you up

You attract your ideal clients - no more weirdos that don't get you - at all.

You finally have the essential elements to launch your business for real!


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I am SO happy I got to work with Anne! She makes it so easy and stress free - I always recommend her to any of my friends.

Sarah Bennett


When you book The Leap Creative to create your brand you save

You get access to 100k worth of design education and knowledge. (I got you, girl)

You save 5+ years messing around with trial and error to learning what design methods will work (Let me take the wheel!)

You can easily gain the attention and trust of your ideal client with a professional brand



4 spaces in my schedule available for Winter 2019

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How to get started working with me...

👍Click the pink button "Yass I want a new brand!" to start

👍Fill out the form to tell me about your project and business

👍You'll be sent a Welcome Pack and a brand questionnaire - I'll be notified once you fill it out and we'll get rolling on the project. 

👍I will also follow up by email within 24 hours with a contract for you to sign and an invoice, 50% payment is due to hold your spot in my schedule.

👍You pick a launch date and we schedule a kickoff call on Google Hangouts for the project



With Make an Impact Branding Package you get...

primary logo

sub marks



color palette

Brand Style Guide/Mood Board

Social Media Covers




4 spaces available in my schedule for Winter 2019

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This package is for you if...

You know who your ideal client is and what you do, you just haven't been able to create brand you love yet.

Your current brand doesn't show your personality and quality.

You know the vital importance of a kickass brand - that it will help attract your ideal client.

You want a brand that makes an impression - that helps you to stand out.

You're ready to invest in your business to create a brand that is perfect for you.


Anne is the founder of The Leap Creative and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She is here to help kickass creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, and online course creators create a gorgeous brands they are thrilled to share, fast. 



4 spaces in my schedule available for Winter 2019

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Popular Questions...

How does payment work?

A 50% deposit is required upfront to secure your spot in my schedule. 25% due at the first draft and 25% upon completion.

Can't I just have a Facebook page?

Well if you enjoy not having control over your platform. Remember when Facebook (or Instagram for that matter) changed its algorithm and everybody lost their minds? Businesses lost out on huge amounts of revenue because their entire business model was built around someone else's platform. NUTS. Don't let the whims of a huge corporation be the life or death of your business.